Gifted Resource

Mrs. Gail Campbell is the gifted resource teacher at Birdneck Elementary School. Mrs. Campbell serves as the full time GRT. If you have any questions about the services provided through the gifted resource program, please contact one of the Gifted Resource Teachers. You may also visit the Gifted Education webpage for Virginia Beach City Public Schools.Coaching Quote
Mrs. Gail Campbell
Gifted Phone Number: 757.648.2120 ext 53489

BIRDNECK GIFTED WEBSITE - Here is contact information, applications, deadlines and informational nights (Updates coming soon)


Gifted  Programs Schedule

5th Grade Gifted Screening - September 18

1st Grade Gifted Screening - October 19

1st Grade SAPLINGS Chrysler Field Trip - October 20

Grades 2-5 Gifted Applications due November 13 by 4:00 PM

Grades 2-5 Testing - December 19

Grades 2-5 and 2nd Grade HOLDs Applications for all ODS Programs - February 1 by 4:00 PM

1st Grade Gifted Applications due March 1 by 4:00 PM 

Grades 2-5 ODS Testing and 2nd Grade HOLDs - March 4

1st Grade Gifted Testing - March 25