Gifted Resource

Mrs. Gail Campbell and Mr. Josh Brown are the Gifted Resource Teachers at Birdneck Elementary School. If you have any questions about the Gifted Resource-Cluster Model provided at Birdneck, please contact one of the Gifted Resource Teachers.

Coaching Quote

Mrs. Gail Campbell  757.648.2120 ext 53489

Mr. Josh Brown  757.648.2120 ext 53484

BIRDNECK GIFTED WEBSITE - Here is contact information, applications, deadlines and informational nights 

Intellectual Gifted For Grade 1:
Saturday, October 5 - 1st Grade SAPLINGS Chrysler Field Trip
Monday, December 9 - 1st Grade Gifted Screening (All 1st Graders)
Monday, January 6 - Screening scores will be available on *ParentVUE
Monday, February 10 by 4:00 PM - 1st Grade Gifted Applications are due
Monday, March 23 - 1st Grade Applicant Gifted Testing
*Parents can sign up for ParentVUE using this link:

Intellectual Gifted For Grades 2-5:
Friday, September 27 - 5th Grade Gifted Screening (All 5th Graders)
Friday, November 1 - Screening scores will be available on *ParentVUE
Friday, January 10 by 4:00 PM - Grades 2-5 Gifted Applications

Tuesday, February 25 Grades 2-5 and Grade 2 HOLDS Applicant Testing